About Us

The Capital Collective is a private initiative with the aim to accelerate the rejuvenation and growth of the CBD by encouraging combined public and private efforts.

It is a sharing platform to stimulate conversation and collaboration. It is about bringing people together who want to invest, share ideas, make ideas come to life, sponsor or support new initiatives in the city.

In essence, the objectives of the initiative are:

  • To create a hub where interests, ideas, plans, innovations and projects can be shared amongst interested parties, to get attention, drive awareness and create excitement.
  • To create a platform for stakeholders to network, support, drive and partner, to combine efforts and to capitalize on opportunities.
  • To help build the brand of Pretoria by sharing and communicating information regarding city enhancing projects, plans, initiatives, successes, stories, news, events etc.
  • To create a united, non-political force of people and organisations who share the vision of the City of Tshwane. Parties who would like to leverage the influence, knowledge, skills, resources, passion and dedication of all stakeholders to make the city’s revival a reality. To the benefit of all – towards the bigger picture.

Positive engagement between all stakeholders in the city and support from key decision makers are essential to make the vision of the City of Tshwane a reality. To stimulate movement, parties need to be aware of and become involved in events and opportunities as they arise. At this stage, joint efforts are key to reaching critical mass for change.

The “Open-Mic” session takes place monthly and is an opportunity for face-to-face sharing and networking between primary stakeholders in the CBD’s regeneration (government, city council, property owners, developers, institutions, entrepreneurs, retailers, artists, the public, etc). Anybody with a positive contribution to make, is welcome to a 10 minute slot on the agenda. Contact us if you would like to participate in, or attend the next session.

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